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Are you still hoping for the happy end in the movie of your relationship life? Let me help you to write your very own, successful love story. You will learn how to use love as your inner compass and make the right decisions. After our coachings you will be ready to (re)gain the helm and determine where your relationship floats.

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I am grateful to Birgit for always being a message away, incredibly supportive and very caring. For holding a space of nu judgement and allowing me to feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable moments of shame and guilt. It was with Birgits help I learnt that much about our relationships with others are a reflection of oneself and it is with this learning that I have been able to keep growing ever since. I would recommend Birgit in a heartbeat with any matter of the heart.

Nicole B., London UK

Birgit ist aufmerksam und hat eine einfühlsame Art. Sie ist außerdem eine super Zuhörerin, die genau im richtigen Moment passende Tipps gibt! Ich habe mich zu 100% verstanden gefühlt. Sie hat echt Ahnung von den Unterschieden zwischen Männern und Frauen und weiß, diese so zu vermitteln, dass man selbst ein gutes Gefühl hat. Die vielen Gespräche mir ihr haben mir wirklich was gebracht und ich kann sie nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

Barbara R., Germany

Birgit is a very pleasant empathetic person who provides a profound perspective when you feel lost in matters of the heart. She is experienced both personally and professionally on the topic of the relationship with yourself and your significant other. She gets along with all age groups and helps from the heart while including all aspects of your personality and past to find a solution for your pain. I can highly recommend her to everyone who needs advise on the matter of love and relationships.

Alexandra Z., Germany

Birgit ist ein wahnsinnig fachlich und dabei menschlicher Coach. Ihr Wissen ist fundiert und ihre Lösungsansätze auf vieleBereich des Lebens einsetzbar. Ich bin froh, sie an meiner Seite zu haben, sowohl in der akuten Hilfe, was Beziehungen angeht als auch im Erarbeiten von Langzeit-Zielen. 

Janina B., Germany

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Birgit by a dearest friend of mine. It was a tough moment of my life, going through a separation after more than four years and not really knowing what to do. I spoke with Birgit from the beginning of this transformational period and I can’t thank her enough for the wise words and love I received. She helped me to understand myself more, made me think and challenged my thoughts in the best way possible. Birgit is a beautiful human being and I can’t recommend her enough.

Marcella T., London